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Your Real Estate Agency in Andorra

Sale and rental of flats, houses, luxury properties, apartment buildings, hotels, premises, etc.

Real estate services

Searching for holiday accommodation, finding a home, choosing a real estate investment opportunity…Any decision about real estate abroad may seem much more complex.

At Finques 3 Cases Andorra we are experts in mediation, consulting and management services in real estate transactions related to the purchase, sale, rent, exchange and transfer of property both in Andorra and abroad.

We are registered under membership number 140 in the Registry of Real Estate Agents and Managers of Andorra, a registry that aims to promote transparency in the real estate sector and ensure consumer protection, providing accurate information so that clients can participate in real estate transactions with the maximum security.

At Finques 3 Cases our objective is:

' To offer the highest-quality properties with a professional approach and providing exceptional service to our customers '

Real estate services

Real estate services

Hotel consultancy services:

We provide a team of professionals in both tourism and real estate who can advise and follow up on opportunities for the purchase or rental of a hotel in Andorra. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Legal services:

Study of the legal framework in the Principality of Andorra, the parish or the community, property sale and purchase contracts, mortgages, etc. Our team of professionals is available to help you in any language.

Financial services:

We act as an broker between our financial institutions and those customers who apply for mortgage loans. We advise applicants about the scope and content of the loan best suited to their situation.

Property search:

We help you find the home of your dreams at the right market price. Our advanced search engine has a wide range of parameters to refine your search to one that best suits your needs. We also offer a personalized service to monitor and continuously search for new opportunities

Property/rental management:

  • Promotion of your rental when in-between tenants
  • Management of monthly tenant fees
  • Maintenance and interior design and decoration services

Seller services:

  • Information about the necessary procedures
  • Extensive network of professionals and resources devoted exclusively to real estate sales
  • Property valuations
  • Cooperation between internal and external real estate companies
  • We have our own range of real and virtual marketing channels

Additional real estate services:

Years of real estate transactions have given us the knowledge…

  • Move management
  • Decoration consulting
  • Transportation to the closest airports
  • Painting, cleaning, maintenance, remodelling
  • Security systems
  • Land feasibility studies
  • Procedures
  • VIP services