Investing in Andorra and buying properties in Andorra

Your Real Estate Agency in Andorra

Sale and rental of flats, houses, luxury properties, apartment buildings, hotels, premises, etc.

Investing in Andorra, information for investors

At Finques 3 Cases, we manage and coordinate all types of real estate projects in Andorra. We often search for investors who wish to diversify their investments in the national real estate sector, thanks to our comprehensive catalogue which includes, among others, luxury properties in Andorra, as well as hotels for sale in Andorra, etc.

If you are interested in carrying out joint projects, propose ideas or invest in Andorra in any of the ongoing projects, please contact us, we will be happy to hear you and study your proposals.

We will also help you with the following aspects involving foreign investors who wish to enter into the Principality of Andorra.

  • Advice regarding real estate promotions, including all administrative and legal processes.
  • COMPANIES: Constituting a trade or holding company, including all the necessary processes until it is running, including the company by-laws.

What does the Principality of Andorra have to offer interested investors?


Strict professional secrecy, protected by the laws of Andorra.


Andorra is known for its safety, both citizen-related (lack of delinquency) and legal and economic.

Low taxation

Andorra has no direct taxes, on companies or on individuals.


The Principality of Andorra is one of the oldest States in the world and is known for its institutional stability.

Taxation on savings

The agreement reached by Andorra and the European Union establishes a withholding applied to interest paid in the Principality, to beneficiaries who are individual residents in one of the EU member states.