Buying a hotel in Andorra and buying buildings in Andorra

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Buying a hotel in Andorra

A sound choice for investing in Andorra, a country of great tourist attraction, is to buy a hotel or a building.

At Fincas 3 Cases we have buildings and hotels for sale in Andorra in different areas, all of which attract tourists and provide a high return.

In so far as investing in buying a hotel in Andorra, we have several buildings for sale which would be ideal for this purpose, old hotels and even modern hotels which are fully operational.

Buying a building in Andorra

In so far as investing in buying a building in Andorra, we have fully operational buildings (with all their flats and commercial premises rented), providing a high return, newly built buildings which are ready for marketing, as well as buildings in need of refurbishment, office buildings, etc.

For more information please contact us, we will be happy to help you find the property in Andorra which is best suited to your needs, and resolve all your queries.

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