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Andorra is a micro-state in southern Europe, located in the Catalonian Pyrenees mountain range. it spreads over 468 km², and in 2010 its population amounted to 85,015 inhabitants (source: Statistics of the Government of Andorra).

To the south, Andorra borders Spain, with a Mediterranean climate, and to the north with France, with an alpine climate. Andorra has had its own Constitution since 1993. Its official language is Catalonian. Andorra houses French, Spanish and Andorran educational systems, and has had its own university since 1997 (Universitat d’Andorra, Sant Julià de Lòria). Andorra is a member of a number of international organisations, but does not belong to the European Union (particular conditions for residing and accessing properties, land or real estate).

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Isolated up until the 1930s, as of then Andorra built a series of infrastructures and premises (ski resorts, roads, hotels) in order to become the great tourism and commercial centre it is today. Hence, the current real estate perspective in Andorra is comprised of houses, country homes and other buildings which continue boasting the typical style of Andorra (stones, wood) and modern properties (apartment buildings and flats, recently built administrative buildings, etc.).

Accessing properties in Andorra (buying, selling, renting, etc.) is regulated by the Government(Govern d’Andorra) in conjunction with the 7 districts (Comuns) which comprise the country.